Property Detail

One Third
Parcel #118

1/3 Guest House, New Construction

One Third Share
Main Residence
Parcel #118

Stunning Views and Beautiful Structure

Hollister Ranch parcel 118 boasts a stunning 3,000 square foot main house with an attached 1750 square foot garage, built by Bob Curtis of Curtis Homes. This house is laid out in meticulous detail; a story behind every arc and bend. Asking $8,000,000 for the main house and an undivided 2/3 interest.

But don't stop there, also available is a beautifully paired guest house that holds a functional 800 square feet along with a 550 square foot garage. Asking $2,600,000 for the guest house and an undivided 1/4 interest. It could also be acquired as a 1/3 undivided interest with the guest house; Asking $2,950,000.

Please contact us to view our inside look highlight video tour of both the main and the guest house.

Location Information